Lousy Human Bastards


Yes, animal lives are sometimes more valuable than human lives.  Just walk around any Walmart for 20 minutes or scan the seas of mesmerized fat faces in a crowd at your average sportsball game, and try to tell me that those “human” lives would be worth preserving if they fell into an enclosure of a captive animal that lives its entire life in a tiny space on display for the consumption of morons.

Let’s look at the circumstances here surrounding Harambe, who was shot and killed in the care of the Cincinnati Zoo without any real justification:

  1. The gorilla was in an impossible situation that was entirely created by humans and behaved remarkably well under the circumstances.
  2. The enclosure was poorly secured if a child was able to easily enter it…again the fault of humans.
  3. The parent neglected to adequately supervise the child, thus perpetuating this tragedy.
  4. The gorilla did not attack the child. It didn’t even seem angry. If it had wanted to harm the child, it could have violently killed the little boy in two seconds. If anything  it appeared to be trying to protect him and keep him safe.
  5. People say that a tranquilizer dart would have taken 5-10 minutes to work, and so the gorilla had to be shot. However, there’s no indication the boy was in any imminent danger, or that the gorilla needed to be tranquilized at all. Given that the gorilla showed no signs of hostility or ill intentions, not shooting the gorilla would have been a chance worth taking. This is especially evident knowing that the totality of these events was imposed upon the gorilla, who was just minding its own business.

This animal was betrayed by humans in the worst way.  There’s no getting around that.

Curiouser and Obscuriouser


A number of curious people have stumbled upon the AltLeft recently and written about it. I don’t normally respond to these kinds of posts, because they are typically coming from such a confused perspective that there’s nothing to really engage with. Anyway, I appreciate that good people are taking an interest in us even if they don’t agree, and I did want to address a couple of things in this piece, so I will go ahead and give it a whirl…

The “Alt Left” seems to me – if such a movement does exist – to be mostly a bizarre product of extreme left-wing Postmodernist ethnic-racial identity politics, except – and here is the key – applied to white people.

These are Western white people who have been brainwashed in Postmodernist and Social Justice Warrior identity politics, but suddenly transform into supporters of white identity politics.

This just isn’t true(the second paragraph anyway.) Mostly we’re people who bought into the idea of a “color blind” society and rejected social justice warrior politics from the beginning, but at a certain point realized we were being scammed. Other groups pursue their tribal interests unapologetically and opportunistically exploit the altruism of naive, egalitarian minded whites. Meanwhile, whites who never cared much about racial identity before(except maybe on a subconscious or intrinsic level) are becoming wise to a reality of being cornered into acting in their collective interests. Egalitarianism is a bust, and it’s time to look out for our own first. White people still say things like “I don’t care about race. I believe in viewing everyone as an individual.” Okay cool, but guess what? No one else cares. Other than a handful of barely-influential outliers like Thomas Sowell, only white people think in terms of color blindness.  More and more, the multicultural future looks less like the 1970’s Battlestar Galactica bridge with Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh and more like the Night of the Fires in Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.


The author goes on to say:

That is the logical end of Postmodernist identity politics, if it were consistently applied and not gripped by such a hatred of white people. And, even worse, this Alt Left movement could then morph into a type of left-wing fascism.

We can only dream. A “fascism” minus the sexual puritanism, regressive traditionalism and aggressive imperialism would be okay by me. Sounds like party central actually. Identity politics is the future as long as multiracial societies exist. Identitarianism has almost always been the reality and isn’t really something uniquely associated with “postmodernism.” Egalitarianism(despite lofty rhetoric) has been the exception, not the norm. The “blank slate” subscribers are the brainwashed ones. Some of these people just need a dose of HBD.

“I am generally interested in the ‘other’. It’s the same thing with blacks. First, they were colonized, and later everyone acted as if they were just as we are. Of course, a black person can wear glasses and a watch, but this doesn’t make us the same.” – Jean-Luc Godard




New York Neon

NY NEON Cover_r2_Final.indd

Robert Stark and I interviewed Thomas E. Rinaldi, author of the book, “New York Neon.” It was a fascinating discussion about the history of neon signs, their decline, and what future they might have. Thomas has devoted a great deal of time to photographing and documenting remaining neon signs while they’re still here. I was very impressed by the dedication Thomas had to putting together this project.

You can listen to the show here

Strike a Blow Against Global Cubicle-ism


Let’s face it. Working any job sucks ass, but we’ve all worked some jobs that sucked more ass for less money. Clearly I don’t care much about money. Aside from the aesthetic of 1970’s Las Vegas, I don’t care much for capitalism. In this day and age though, money buys freedom and more importantly…it buys free speech. Writing in this sphere consumes a lot of time and energy, and it pays nothing. Even many of your allies end up hating you. If you’ve enjoyed things I’ve written over the last couple of years and want to donate something you can do so using bitcoin. I have a lot of literary and other projects in the works outside of this blog. Your support is appreciated, but I’ll still write anyway.

“It has nothing to do with pay. Either you love what you’re doing, or … Look, I wrote for years, and I wasn’t paid. My love carried me through all those years. I sold newspapers on the street corner. When I was twenty-two, I was making ten dollars a week. When I started making twenty dollars a week from selling stories, I quit selling newspapers. You’re either in love with what you do, or you’re not in love.” -Ray Bradbury

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