Flashback Friday – Wyatt Kaldenberg and The New Aryan Left


Here’s an old episode of Race and Reason from the late 80s(?) featuring Wyatt Kaldenberg. He talks about the New Aryan Left and his experiences in the Young Socialist Alliance as a teenager. Wyatt is probably best known for being the guy who threw a chair and broke Geraldo’s nose on the famous skinhead brawl episode in 1988. He became an Odinist later in life and isn’t really active in racial politics anymore. It happens to a lot of people. He’s still around though and is a nice guy.

As a guest on Race and Reason, he talks about many of the same things we discuss on here, which he seems to have noticed 30 years ago. Mainly that the left has no room for (non self-hating) white people, and economic issues have been totally abandoned for ethnic grievance politics. This is even more true now of course.

I was a socially moderate republican when I was younger, but I remember about 12 or 13 years ago taking a mild interest in communism, but when I went to the CPUSA’s website and read some Green Party type blogs, they were almost totally dedicated to “fighting racism” in the criminal justice system, Peace on Earth as well as an obsession with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Anyway, it was a total turnoff.

Wyatt also mentions how the right wing didn’t care about the working class and was too interested in sending people to pointless wars. Another thing he talks about that I identify with is how when he got into the race movement, all these conservatives were always trying to insert all these other pet issues into the movement that he had no interest in. Wow, the more things change…

Not Much

I haven’t been updating as much because I’ve been doing so many podcasts and have been busy book writing. Also, I haven’t really had much to say.  I find that I just have the same debates over and over with people, and I end up refuting the same arguments again and again.

Some weird, LARPy Christian blog linked to an article on here and wrote about it. It’s almost impossible to get away from these people. They never leave you alone.

Trump’s VP pick was terrible, so I was expecting Trump to give a watered down speech at the convention. The address was better than I thought it would be though, except for some of the neocon “get tough on Iran” portions. As mild as it was in terms of nationalism, it still managed to horrify all the right people, if you know what I mean.

To be honest I don’t care to write much about party politics. It just isn’t that interesting to me, and I don’t like to pretend that anything much will change for the better.

Interview With Charles Krafft


Robert Stark and I interviewed Seattle based artist, Charles Krafft. You can listen to the interview here:

I first learned about Charles through reading this article in the Seattle Stranger weekly a few years back. I had been attempting to convince one of my friends to be more open with some of his controversial views, and my friend pointed out what happened to Charles as a reason not to express his opinions publicly.

It was great to have the opportunity to speak with Charles. He’s truly an interesting guy who has lived through some amazing times, in various parts of the world.