The Drab Gab

Gab needs to stop marketing itself as a right-leaning haven for nutjobs. It should just present itself as a fun, entertaining social media site that just so happens to not ban people as easily as other sites. One of the things I really dislike about Gab is how difficult it is to find people with interests or even opinions outside the realm of basic bitch AltRight/AltLite/MAGA politics. Ideally, I want a place where I can view entertaining content and discuss topics earnestly but one which doesn’t punish people for PC indiscretions. Sites like Gab should aim to attract with apolitical entertainment, with the idea that people go will go there for that but have to tolerate some uncomfortable political speech as a price. Just like when people watch football or some funny cooking vid on youtube, and they have to sit through the annoying political diatribe or cheesy social justice commercial. Kind of like how youtube has its own shows. They need exclusive non-political (mostly) content, which will draw in ordinary people. The “exclusive” streams and shows which can for there now there are all just Alex Jones style and “MAGA” oriented material. They need things like cooking shows, makeup tutorials and animated series. As it currently stands, Gab’s appeal seems to be along the lines of “Come to our site where you can discuss ‘pizzagate,’ ‘false flags’ and other wild conspiracy theories, free of censorship.” It’s no surprise what kind of demographic that ultimately attracts. As a result, discussion on Gab is dominated by insufferable lunatics and surly cranks. Simply saying “we’re a free speech site and everyone is welcome” isn’t enough. You have to actually offer the kind of content which people from a variety of ideological, non-ideological and social spheres will be interested in.

Of course, I don’t believe Gab is to blame for the fact that one of its users (allegedly a man named Robert Bowers) committed the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue. A social media site or forum can’t be expected to be responsible for the offline behavior of one of their users. It simply isn’t their responsibility. There are too many crazy people out there. There have been crimes and violent attacks committed by users of every major social media site.

However, what is the point of suspending his (or any other perpetrator’s) account after the fact? Just leave it up, otherwise it just looks like you’re trying to conceal what he posted to avoid damage to your reputation. There’s no point in destroying a public record of someone’s posts just because they happened to commit a crime. Twitter and FB do the same thing, and it’s annoying. People are interested in reading the old posts on these kinds of accounts because they offer insight into the person’s mindset and motivations. I’d prefer to read these myself and draw my own conclusions rather than take the word of some media outlet’s second or third hand interpretation.

During a particularly censorious time on Twitter a few years ago, I contemplated using a spare domain name I had obtained for building a small scale social media site called “Wand” (which was intended to fill the void which Gab has since occupied.) Ultimately, I decided the potential for legal liabilities would be a hassle I just wasn’t equipped to deal with. Once you make the decision to start hosting other people’s edgy content and images on your site, there’s a hell of a lot of shit that can go wrong. Maybe, I’m just a tad too misanthropic to be willing to “take one for the team.” I just don’t care about these issues enough.

I’m grateful that Gab exists, but a site which seems designed specifically to attract pond scum has built in experiential limitations.

Brandon Adamson is the author of Skytrain to Nowhere

The Good Guys and the Bad Guys

Renowned Wikifeet model and male tear bathhouse patron, Jessica Valenti posted a brief but lucid defense of NYTimes tech writer Sarah Jeong’s extensive history of anti-white tweets:

“Sarah Jeong is good, her haters are bad (terrible, even). It’s not difficult. I support whatever women need to do – including snarky tweets – to negotiate this racist, sexist website.”

So there you have it. Sarah Jeong is one of the good guys, and her haters (aka white people who responded harshly to her openly hostile tweets about them) are the bad guys.

Nevermind the fact that Twitter is an incredibly easy website to navigate and millions of people manage to do so without constantly expressing their hatred for white men and women. Valenti sneakily attempts to make this a “women being harassed online by men” issue when it isn’t. White women are also increasingly the target of unprovoked vitriol from the likes of intersectional identitarians like Jeong.

For her part, Jeong also misrepresented the situation in that she claimed her anti-white tweets were “counter trolling” in response to harassment she was receiving. However, she conveniently left out the fact that the “harassment” itself was in response to similar inflammatory tweets she made toward the same groups. It’s not like these trolls just randomly appeared in her mentions for no reason, simply to attack her because she’s a woman of color (barf.)

I don’t really have a problem with my co-ethnic, Jessica Valenti (a fellow Italian.) She’s one of my favorite feminists, and as the intersectional community becomes increasingly dominated by hostile non-whites, she’ll eventually find herself cast out, perceived as just another Becky the way Rose McGowan was. A temporary useful ally, soon to be pushed aside. For now though, Valenti still sees herself as one of the good guys…and so do I. After all, both sides are the same.

Anyway, if I’m being totally honest, this whole article was mostly just an excuse to post the theme song from Any Which Way You Can, which struck me as oddly relevant.

Discussing AltLeft Chaos Magic on The Stark Truth

Robert Stark and co-host Sam Kevorkian talk to Brandon Adamson. Brandon blogs at, is the author of Beatnik Fascism, and has a Youtube channel, Self Checkout.

The entire podcast can be found here.


-Brandon’s Official Response to Trump’s Remarks on the AltLeft
-The context of Trump using the term “Alt-Left” to describe the antifa as opposed to the original Alt Left
-The media’s references to Brandon’s Alt Left site and how the only semi accurate one was The Week’s article (since the time when this podcast was recorded there was another accurate article which appeared in Salon)
-Confusing political news junkies with esoteric and outlandish cultural references
-The “Orange Pill”
-How the less aggro elements of the Left and the Alt-Right should combine forces for single payer health care, student debt relief, and the dismantling the College Football Industrial Complex
-How massive online censorship is forcing people to build an alternative tech universe
-Corporations enforcing a uniform culture of consensus among workers
-Companies policing employees behavior outside of work
-Why a 6 hour work day would be more efficient
People Don’t Think Universal Basic Income Be Like It Is but It Do
New Suburbanism

Strange Bedfellows – Defending Milo


Robert Stark, Pilleater and I discussed the recent Milo controversy on The Stark Truth. The episode is available, here.

I hate having to write an article like this. I’ve never really been a fan of Milo (and have written so quite clearly in the past.) People who prioritize or spend a lot of time obsessed with political issues relating to what depraved activities they can or can’t do sexually, have always kind of annoyed me. Really, of all the problems in our society that could require attention, that’s what you chose to devote your activism to? Your dick?

Anyway, I’m just going to go ahead and say it…

Milo never defended “pedophilia.” It’s ridiculous to suggest that he did. In the video interview in question, he’s discussing teenagers. Pedophilia applies only to prepubescent children. Whether or not someone is legally a “minor” in a particular has nothing to do with these classifications. Age of consent and what constitutes a minor vary widely among different countries. In any case, debating the subject of attraction and consent relating to post pubescent or sexually developed minors cannot be construed in any way as being the same thing as “advocating pedophilia” (which would involve a conversation about pre-pubescent minors.) That a great many people are too dumb or ignorant to comprehend such distinctions, shouldn’t be Milo’s problem.

Now, to those who would accuse me of  just “splitting hairs” or claim that I’m talking about a distinction without a difference, I can only say that words mean things. Definitions matter. Categorizing ideas accurately is a critical component of civilized discussion. I can already hear people saying “Whatever. It’s all degeneracy! You sound like pedo apologist! Blah Blah Blah.”

Well, think about this…these same individuals are the ones who often complain that people mischaracterize them as Nazis, white supremacists, when they are merely white nationalists, race realists or in some cases even civic nationalists. “Whatever you’re all nazis! Trump supporters are all nazis. Bannon is a white supremacist! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck..!”
Of course, we all know a civic nationalist is not the same thing as a white nationalist, and a white nationalist is not necessarily a white supremacist or even a biological race realist for that matter. When you claim that Milo was “defending pedophilia,” it is as ignorant and absurd as when the media labels some basic bitch republican like Paul Ryan a white supremacist. It just isn’t true. I don’t want to hear these people complaining next time they get categorized as Nazi KKK members just for advocating for a moratorium on immigration from the third world. “Like what do you mean, dude? Don’t you see how ridiculous and autistic you seem by insisting that people accurately characterize your views? What’s that? You say you’re not a white supremacist or neo Nazi? You’re just an ‘ethnonationalist?’ Haha, as if that makes your opinions any less disgusting, you Nazi apologist.”

Part of what has always attracted me to dissident politics was the willingness to honestly explore any topic relating to biology, human nature, or psychology, no matter how socially taboo. When some AltRight person says “I don’t know how anyone could defend Milo or his remarks at this point. The things he said were simply indefensible,” I have to wonder where their self awareness is. Do they not realize that the average person thinks their views and statements on race realism are just as indefensible (if not more) than Milo’s expressed opinions on age of consent? Indeed they don’t. Didn’t people say the AltRight could no longer be defended after the NPI “Roman salute” controversy? Look, if someone holds what you deem to be a disturbing opinion that runs contrary to your values, the solution is simple. You can disagree with them and state your case.

I suspect though that there are other things in play here. Milo has made a great deal of enemies and often talks a lot of shit. Therefore, people see it as an opportunity to settle old personal scores, and they salivate at the prospect of finally skewering him and getting revenge. This may be a good short term strategy, but I don’t see it playing out well long term. Anyone that unfairly has their lives ruined by the media for simply stating “weird” opinions, requires defense whether we like them or not. Though I admit Milo is easily unlikable, and I was never much of a fan of his obnoxious shtick or faux edginess, I relate to him slightly more now that he’s become genuinely ostracized and alienated like the rest of us.

Strike a Blow Against Global Cubicle-ism!


So I admit I’ve never been much into the donations racket, and I find it somewhat ridiculous when I see someone with a Patreon that has numerous devoted fans pledging to give like two thousand bucks per youtube video a person makes. I can understand if you’re involved in a project that requires expensive production or animation, as well as frequent travel accommodations, but if you’re just a dude that sits in front of a camera and rants for 15 minutes about subjects that won’t get you fired from any job in corporate America….demanding thousands per video seems seems kind of lame.

To quote Ray Bradbury once again:

Either you love what you’re doing, or . . . Look, I wrote for years, and I wasn’t paid. My love carried me through all those years. I sold newspapers on the street corner. When I was twenty-two, I was making ten dollars a week. When I started making twenty dollars a week from selling stories, I quit selling newspapers. You’re either in love with what you do, or you’re not in love.

I’m perfectly content with just barely scraping by if it means I get to do what I’m passionate about and be as weirdly creative as I want with the content I create. We live in an age of corporate censorship and the prospects for me ever being able to have a high profile normie job again (even if I wanted one) become incrementally bleaker by the hour. In fact, the paradox we face in dissident political and artistic communities is that the more prolific and prominent one becomes in the circles, the more isolated and ostracized they are from opportunities in the outside world. In the end, it’s simply a gamble. Can you go “all in” and still survive while being true to yourself, or do you keep your mouth shut and keep your head down, quietly collecting your direct deposit from the cubicle mafia? No offense to the actual mafia, (which I went through a phase of wanting to join after seeing Goodfellas in the 7th grade.)

Anyhow, if you have enjoyed the content on this site or any other sites and projects I have been involved with, I would appreciate a small contribution for my work. Even if you hate me and are pretty much disgusted by everything I say and do, but you still respect the spirit of free speech and are fed up with corporate busybodies enforcing ideological litmus tests of any kind on potential employees….well feel free to contribute a few bucks. Maybe someday you’ll find your opinions have run afoul of what’s publicly acceptable, and you’ll need someone to have your back. I’ll be there for you either way.

I’m not looking for thousands of dollars or anything, but it would be helpful to get my message out (or any message out) if you were to contribute at least a few dollars. I lead an incredibly minimalist lifestyle, so I don’t need much to subsist, but I do need something occasionally. I’m not even going to be that dude that’s like “you guys better start donating if you want me to keep updating this site.” I’m not even pretending to be offering you anything of significant value or some special content you absolutely can’t live without…just throw me a bone.

Ways you can contribute:

Bitcoin: 1CDTBhYftHbod16WFhPz65nZmAmbb54Vph
Purchase books advertised on the site.

Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle For Maximum Political Autonomy

Ellsworth Kelly - Blue and Orange,  1965
Ellsworth Kelly – Blue and Orange, 1965

In many parts of Europe you can be jailed for speaking out on certain topics. In the US however, the government pretty much let’s people say whatever they want with the exception of promoting violence and a few other caveats which are deemed off limits. The primary avenues suppression of speech here are through corporations, academic institutions and social ostracization. The threat of being fired and thus unable to support yourself or family financially, potentially being thrown out of school and diminishing prospects for the future( or having your fraternity group or school club banned,) and just general exclusion from various social circles.

There are many strategies to overcoming these obstacles. One of them is of course to play along and keep your mouth shut, climb the corporate ladder as a secret agent and leverage your influence later on when you’re too powerful to bring down easily. This was basically what many of the neoreactionaries advocated. Not everyone is suited for this role though. Some people have no interest in infiltrating the rat race or spending their lives with their lips zipped. They want to get up in the mix or just be free to say what they want and are not content to just grin in bear it through every employee “diversity training” seminar. So if you’re not rich or planning to be for the forseeable future and don’t have any people depending on you, (wife, kids etc) then adopting a minimalist lifestyle can give you the personal autonomy to engage in activism and withstand the negative consequences for perpetuating thought crime.

Here are some steps to consider and potential lifestyle changes you can implement:

1. First, save up some money. This may mean working a shitty wagecuck job for a few months to a year and keeping your mouth shut. Save as much money as possible during this time and plan for a day when you are going to quit, and most importantly stick to it. That few months can turn into many years of wagecuckery if you can’t work up the nerve to leave (especially if you start to get too cozy and comfortable which is what they want.)

2. Keep your mandatory living expenses as minimal as possible. I can’t stress this enough. A huge mortgage, rent payment or car payment can make it impossible to speak your mind, because you’re too dependent on the system and it’s institutions for the revenue to sustain yourself in the financial hole you’ve dug, let alone climb out of it. They know this and will relish the chance to bury you as an example if you say something that threatens the PC narrative. There are many ways to reduce your rent. Get a cheap studio apartment. Move in with a relative that has an extra room. People can make fun of you for living in your Aunt’s basement all they want, and their insults may sting but you won’t get kicked out for offending anyone except her. Find a girlfriend and get her to move into your cheap tiny apartment with you as opposed to getting a giant apartment together (this is what I did.) I had a friend who lived rent free for many years just squatting abandoned houses and traveling. It’s a tough way to live, but if you prioritize your ability to speak freely, then it’s a paradise in it’s own way. The bottom line is that you want to keep your rent as low as possible, like really low…a few hundred bucks a month or less, zero dollars even.

3. Cut out most unnecessary forms of entertainment, especially ones that directly propagandize against you, like sportsball and (((mainstream movies.))) In many cases you are actually paying for a form of entertainment which antagonizes and taunts you while you watch it and uses the money it generates from you to support causes hostile to your interests.

“Insert a dollar into this vending machine to watch an entertaining commercial tell you why you shouldn’t advocate for your own interests”

Don’t pay for (((cable.))) Turn off your tv if you can. To the extent you interact with normie or corporate entertainment, it should be a clinical interaction, where you’re analyzing and dissecting it as a means disseminating enemy propaganda and developing effective strategies for countering it. You don’t have to forsake all movies or tv shows. I’d recommend watching older movies and tv shows from an era where media entertainment was less politicized and PC. If you can’t live without sports, you’re better off buying some dvds of old football games from the 70’s and 80’s. There are thousands and thousands of enjoyable old games you’ve never seen, and you won’t feel like you’re watching a bunch of subhumans chimping out or being subjected to Black Panther performance art.

If possible focus on entertaining/amusing yourself in ways that improve you in some way. Self teach yourself a new language. Read books that instruct you about how basic electronics work. Play chess and other games that deal with strategy.

4. Learn to eat cheaply. Instead of going out for expensive meals every meal of the day, start buying groceries and eating like you’re living in the post apocalyptic world of Fallout 3. Buy things like rice, ramen, soup. Make peanut butter sandwiches. I won’t dwell much on this because there are whole books written about this kind of thing. I’m also not very good at this one. I eat out a lot of the time due to some digestion and health issues, and I have higher calorie requirements than most people due to my metabolism. However, low calorie diets have show to increase lifespans and have other health benefits. Learn to eat cheaply, and learn to eat less.You want to live like a lean and mean, disciplined operative, not a fatass neckbeard.

5. Find alternative sources of revenue. Work odd temporary jobs at festivals to sustain yourself. Do freelance social media work. Sell stuff from thrift stores on ebay or etsy. Offer gigs for money on Fiverr based on whatever skills you have. Beg for donations on your blog. Sell plasma, Sell sperm. Learn a trade where you’re able to be self employed, like handyman or electrician. Become a daytrader. Entire books are available on creating revenue streams. Many of them are written by hucksters and contain useless information, but you can find plenty of free ideas just poking around online. When all else fails, use your imagination.

6. Don’t be a hoarder. Material possessions will only weigh you down. Other than a few mementos sentimental attachment to personal objects should be discouraged. As a political dissident it’s essential to be as portable as possible. When you’ve got nothing, they’ve got nothing they can take away from you. Keep it simple. All you really need is a laptop, a phone a couple of stylish outfits to give your views a worthy a e s t h e t i c.

7. Even if you’re anonymous, always live according to the realization that you could be doxed at anytime. You’ve heard the phrase “Live like you’re going to die tomorrow?” Well in this case it’s “Live like you’ve been doxed yesterday and thousands of busybodies are out to ruin your livelihood.” Brace for impact.

8. Have no shame. However “horrible” a person someone tries to tell you that you are because of your “xenophobic” opinions, it shouldn’t affect you as long as you believe your perspective is valid and correct. Sometimes it’s necessary to get nasty and insult your enemies, so don’t feel bad about it. Your enemies don’t care about you and don’t play fair. Remember, their social shaming tactics only work on people that have shame. Have no shame.

9. Most importantly, learn to live with being on your own. Public expression of political opinions that fall outside the overton window will inevitably lead to losing friends. People you’ve known for many years and even family members may decide never to speak to you ever again. Friends and acquaintances will banish you from their social circles and delete and block you on social media. Assume that you’re on your own and learn to deal with it. It sounds bleak, but the good news is that being able to stand alone for your beliefs is a quality that people admire you. You may find friends in places you didn’t know you had them. The friends and family that accept you are the only ones that matter. Incorporating a minimalist lifestyle isn’t simply a matter of throwing excess jetsam overboard that’s weighing down the ship, it’s also about freeing yourself from the people in your life trying to make your tugboat sink.

That’s it so far. I might write more on this topic later (I haven’t even covered the sexual considerations in this article) or expand it into a shill-able ebook.
For now though, go ahead and get on your way. Adopt a minimalist lifestyle today, and you can tell your enemies to fuck off, with impunity… tomorrow.