Postcards From Xenophobia – Black Pill Summer


I think Anatoly Karlin was right that social media takes away from productivity. Yet, at the same time, it’s only through these sites that I’ve been able to network and build a brand. There’s not much you can do with a brand like that though once you get it, if you are using various pseudonyms etc. In general though I think one of the things I’ve grown to dislike about Twitter is the way it exposes you to so many reasons to be pessimistic. I will list a few of realizations that make it a drag, this coming from someone who has made probably 40,000 tweets in the past 2 years….

  • You end up debating the same things over and over, both with the same people and a constant stream of new individuals fresh off the normie boat.
  • Most people don’t even understand the basics of “AltRight” thought or any similar ideas(AltLeft, etc) or movements. They come into these movements misinformed about core beliefs(usually being misled by some article,) not even grasping they terminology or lingo they start throwing around. It’s amazing to me how many people don’t know how to use simple insults like cuckservative properly(hint: Jews aren’t cucks) or understand the purpose of the (((echoes.))) That’s trivial of course, but also people don’t even know the origins of these movements or who the major figures are. There are people who claim to be AltRight that have no idea who Richard Spencer is and think this stuff originated with Milo or Roosh. I’ve seen people with AltRight in their usernames sporting Reagan avatars unironically.
  • There is constant misrepresentation of these ideologies by new people who are well intentioned but do more harm then good, because they accept the establishment’s framing of issues.(ie. “dems are the real racists,” “identity politics is bad,” “culture matters way more than race,” “democrats ruined detroit,” “fascism is inherently bad” etc)
  • Many people are oblivious to the JQ, even if they’ve been around a while. I could probably write an entire ebook on this, but why bother? I can somewhat understand people not getting it at first, because I was one of those annoying people just a couple of years ago that would be in Ramzpaul’s youtube comments being like “yeah the jews are fine. What’s the problem?” However, once you finally understand it you can’t “unsee” it, and it’s difficult to have patience in discussing it with people clueless about the premise you’re operating from(ie the reasons why racially aware white people view Jews with suspicion and the basis for it.) I’m not going to use this post to educate you on it. I’ll take a page from SJWs and tell you to “go read a book.” You don’t have to agree with it, but you’ll have an idea of what people are talking about.
  • Despite the media’s attempts to characterize the Trump  as some kind of white supremacist, xenophobic, neofascist, the Trump movement is far from that, and only vaguely civic nationalist. While there is a percentage of racially aware identitarians who support Trump, the vast majority of Trump supporters are just ordinary tea party republicans that are just abstractly against “the establishment” and hate the media. They might want to limit illegal immigration slightly and bring back jobs from China, but for the most part they sign onto the normal Reagan conservatism agenda(often even trying to claim Trump is the next Reagan as if that would be a desirable thing) They still watch FoxNews, and want to get tough on Iran, go bomb ISIS and so on.
  • I support Trump mostly for the fact that he’s the only candidate who seems to reject white guilt and the only politician running who supports preserving even the concept of the nation state. At least with Trump there is a chance the US might conduct policies in it’s own interest. None of the other candidates are even entertaining the idea. That being said, his choosing Pence was troubling because Pence represents the opposite of everything that is good about Trump.  Also, Trump’s pandering to the establishment republicans and the Cruzcucks has not been effective. They’re attacking him even more now and are “disavowing” him like there’s no tomorrow. Meanwhile, his attempts to pander to these people who hate him has cost him a chance at attracting Bernie supporters who are disenchanted with Hillary and might be receptive to Trump’s socially liberal instincts and anti big business rhetoric. Unfortunately, instead of going after the college and student loan racket, Trump is proposing massive tax cuts which no one that Trump needs to appeal to wants of needs. He could have said “We’re going to cut the defense budget, close down bases overseas and use the money to reform/credit student loans….but  he didn’t.
  • Finally, in the AltRight and various other edgelord sects, tons of people hate each other. There is constant drama between various individuals and factions. Often people get doxed and face the worst attacks not from SJWs but from people supposedly on their side or loosely allied. Tons of people are complete assholes and you wonder if we ever won anything whether you’d even want most of them as neighbors.
  • For people supposedly being “red pilled” or having science and logic on their side, in these movements I’ve seen some of the nuttiest conspiracy theories embraced, including “flat earth,” “symbols on money predicting attacks,” “moon landing was fake,” and “every shooting is a false flag.” I’ve even discovered people who claim that AIDS isn’t caused by HIV and is a result of poor diet, recreational drugs and health habits(sometimes with even the HIV medications  *causing* the disease symptoms.) Uh huh.
  • Out of probably 5000 thought criminals or “edgelord” accounts I’ve interacted with over the last couple of years, there are maybe about 30 or 40 that I consider to be reasonably on the same page, (not even necessarily ideologically in complete agreement,) just likable and with a similar outlook.  Whenever I find these types it is like a miracle and these often anonymous few have no idea how much their presence makes these activities bearable and worthwhile for me.

I could go on, but I suppose that is enough for now.

Remembering to Return Our Videotapes


My earliest familiarity with the work of Bret Easton Ellis was sometime in 1999. I was getting a lap dance from a stripper “named” Juliet at The Body Shop in West Hollywood(we aren’t exactly SWERFs here on the AltLeft.) The stripper told me I reminded her of the main character from American Psycho…not the handsome and future Dark Knight actor, Christian Bale mind you but the actual character from the story.  I don’t recall what creepy shit I must have been muttering in her ear, but I was an edgy, young, narcissistic loner exploring Los Angeles at the time. Her sensing that there was something darker lurking beneath my third rate hipster aesthetic was probably correct.

Don’t ever assume sex workers are stupid by the way.  Many of them make poor life choices and are not traditionally well educated, but they are cunning and know how to survive. Their existence up close and personal with the seedier elements of society exposes them to certain truths which Ivy League graduates are naively oblivious to. If you don’t believe me, just start searching through escort ads on Backpage and notice how many hundreds of them explicitly say “No Black Men.” People often talk about how communism is often romanticized among bougie western hipsters who never had to live under it, while those who lived in communist countries suffered and were often trying to escape. The same can be said of diversity, which people idealize from the safety of their gated communities in Vermont and gentrified Portland neighborhoods, while working class whites don’t have the luxury of entertaining bullshit fantasies about what living in a multicultural society is actually like.

One time in Las Vegas I asked a cab driver what he thought about the idea of someone moving to Vegas. In a thick accent, the origins of which I could not place(possibly Russian,) he told me “It is very cutthroat. If you are an honest guy forget it. You will never make it here. If you are a hooker, pimp, thief, you will do all right.”

Where was I going with this anyway? Ah yes, I brought up Bret Easton Ellis, because he has been making some politically incorrect waves of the AltLeft variety recently.  A lot of people have long suspected Ellis of being a closeted reactionary. Though someone as sexually depraved and anti-corporate culture would probably never be at ease on the right. I suspect that more than anything Ellis is just a another fellow Gen Xer who doesn’t buy into the PC bullshit and recognizes the perverse way in which it is stifling creativity and free thought. It’s the tracks where Tumblr Intersectionalists and billionaire corporate CEOs race together . “All aboard the pathological altruism and opportunistic corporatism express!” Bret Easton Ellis has made clear he is not hopping on that train. Neither should anyone else who values the ability to see things clearly and articulate their observations about the world in any honest and meaningful way. The pressure to conform to the social justice industrial complex is driving young hipster cubicle jockeys of the nouveau corporate world to a sort of “double life” crisis… the private madness of living a lie while knowing the truth.

“Yeah, sorry. I would attend that #BlackLivesMatter rally and candlelight vigil for Tyrone with you after work, but I just remembered I have to return some videotapes…”